Rio Grande Project

The Rio Grande Project sites are located entirely within Texas State Waters (the ‘Submerged Lands’) off Cameron County in the Gulf of Mexico.


The original lease site Rio Grande Project, comprising 19,794 acres, was granted by the Texas General Land Office in July 2009 was supplemented by the Rio Grande North Project, comprising 21,672 acres, in August 2010.

The lease sites abut the offshore boundary of Texas State Waters, 3 Marine Leagues (10.3 statute miles) from land, and extend inshore to about 5 miles from the coastline of South Padre Island. Water depths across the sites range from 55 to 88 feet (17 to 27 metres).

The nearest large cities are Brownsville, 34 miles (55km) and Harlingen, 40 miles (65km) away.

The Rio Grande Projects are located in an area where wind speeds at the potential hub height of the turbines under consideration, are in the order of 9 to 9.5 metres/second on an average basis. Each site has the potential to accommodate approximately 160 multi-megawatt offshore wind turbines. Baryonyx is considering the use of currently available 5 or 6MW machines for these projects, resulting in a potential installed capacity in the order of 1.0 GW per site.

Given the continuing development of offshore turbine technology, it is anticipated that larger scale turbines may be commercially available at the time of construction. Baryonyx will ensure that any Permit application and approval will allow us to take advantage of the widest range of available turbines.

Baryonyx is investigating a variety of different options, in addition to traditional Power Purchase Agreements, for use of the power generated. These include the use of existing transmission networks to provide power to the Data Centres Baryonyx is currently planning. The use of the power as part of a vertically integrated business model has significant benefits to both the Data Centres and other concepts under consideration.