Dallam Ranch Project

Dallam Ranch is located in Dallam County in the northwest extremity of the Texas ‘panhandle’. The project location is circa 20 miles (32km) from the town of Dalhart.

The lease comprises approximately 8,000 acres of gently sloping pasture with rail and road transportation links adjacent to the property. Specific turbine placement analysis has yet to be undertaken, however initial review suggests that up to 100 turbines could be located on the leased acreage.

Dallam Ranch is located in an exceptional wind resource area and offers an opportunity to develop an energy and information technology project in accord with the Baryonyx concept. A report prepared for Baryonyx by 3tier indicated average wind speed of 8.1 m/s (18.1 mph) with a capacity factor of 43% at a hub height of 80m. A 60 meter meteorolical mast has been erected on site and is currently measuring and reporting data.

Initial project design suggests that the area has the potential for the installation of up to 100 wind turbines. Depending on the most suitable turbine for the terrain, and the terms from the various manufacturers, Baryonyx intends to deploy turbines of between 2MW and 3MW, giving a maximum potential installed capacity of 300MW.