Comanche Ridge Project

The Comanche Ridge Wind Farm being developed by Baryonyx is situated 56 miles northwest of Abilene, Texas and northwest of Aspermont by three miles.

The lease area comprises 4,850 acres with the included development area, being an elevated ridge area approximately two miles in length. The optimal layout for the project permits the construction of a circa 25 MW project.

Wind resource has been measured by means of an on-site metmast and SODAR unit since October 2010 which indicates an annual average wind speed at 58 meters of 7.83 meters per second. Gross capacity factor at the turbines is predicted to be 47%. The net capacity factor is 43% when accounting for field and transmission losses.

Investigation indicates there are minimal construction constraints on the site from an environmental perspective. Grid connectivity is facilitated by two AEP operated transmission lines crossing the lease. This project will connect to the 138kV route. Capacity for the full project exists on this line.