Vision and Concept


The Company’s vision is:

  • To be a leading, innovative U.S. Independent Renewable Energy business;
  • To be identified as an ethical and responsible business by its stakeholders.


To realize the vision, the Company has set out its mission to:

  • Identify development opportunities that meet with our vision;
  • Develop the first offshore wind energy project in the Gulf of Mexico;
  • Recognise commercial potential in the global transition to a low-carbon, high-cost energy business environment;
  • Develop combined energy and information technology projects and other energy intensive industries that deliver commercial symbiosis and consequently reduce or remove barriers to progress caused by infrastructure deficiency;
  • Maintain an awareness of developing technology and commercial factors that influence the deliverability and value of our projects;
  • Maintain positive relationships with government, industry and community contacts, particularly in the areas where we are developing projects, and
  • Where possible promote additional local community benefit by encouraging the development of support industries.