Baryonyx Corp. – Who Are We?

Baryonyx’s principle corporate objective is the creation of value through the vertical integration of renewable and low-carbon energy production with commercial provision of energy intensive, premium products and services.

Our concept focuses on the practical applications of renewable energy – capturing it, harnessing it and most importantly deploying it to industries and business sectors with high energy demands.


To this end, as well as the construction of large scale windfarms, Baryonyx is planning to construct LEED certified efficient data centers and power these through renewable energy technology to produce carbon free data storage. Additional technically proven green energy technologies may be incorporated in the detailed development plans for projects as they become economically viable. Such technologies may include energy storage (such as compressed air energy storage), wind-hydrogen and solar/solar-heat.

We believe our vertical integration and/or co-location concept offers us significant competitive advantage over traditional wind developers in that it allows:

  • Dual income streams from renewable power and data center capacity comparison tables;
  • Creation of windfarms in areas of excellent wind resource but difficult grid connection;
  • Higher revenue per MWh of power produced through direct sale to the data center at closer to retail rates;
  • Highly differentiated offering to the data center market through significantly reduced carbon emissions and the ability to fix a portion of energy costs over a longer term.



Data Center design, construction and marketing activities are performed under our trademarked brand name WindData. Please visit for detailed concept and design information.